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Hello everyone and welcome to my tenth edition of my newspaper, iogames weekly . Amazing to think that the newspaper has gotten this far! Every week, I will post a new edition of the newspaper, which will have all the latest updates and news in all the games categories. This week, we have lots of news for swordbattle.io!


Starting off this week, we have an annoucement by vul, former #2 of all time, that they will officially be returning to swordbattle.io after a long break!

On a pvp related note, I, (incognitoes) have created an official tier testing topic for people to get tier tested and ranked in their pvp, by being tested by tier testers!

If you would like to be a tier tester as well, check out the tier tester applications post to apply now!

v2 is also coming out very shortly: if it releases at the expected time, in 3 days: on the 20th! there is much excitement relating to v2 this week.

Lots of ideas have been posted about to possibly add in v2, such as a crosshair customizer to change the crosshair into whatever someone wants!

This had already been suggested earlier on, so there is promise for it to be added in v2.

Another topic regarding something that might be good to add into v2 is anticheat, in order to help limit and, if possible, prevent hackers from ruining the game.

Well, that’s all for this edition regarding swordbattle.io, now let’s move on to realmz.io.


We’ll start off the realmz.io category with 7Clappz’s suggestions for realmz.io!

First of all, they suggested sniper reversion, stating that it is way too broken, especially in straight alleyways, and it 3shots opponents. Because of this, they would think it best to reverting the damage to 30.

7Clappz also suggested an Alchemist nerf, because they said Alchemist is the least skill class in the game and the best, as well. For example, he said that runers can run basically forever with Alchemist and it is nearly impossible to kill them: also, that the radius is too big.

They also suggested a buff for Railgun and winged bow, and to nerf rocketeer and bomber, because they were similar to alchemist and would just end in runners using these to set bombs as traps and barriers.

Also, Dark_Destroyer remarked in a topic that the caves in the new update do not connect, and also that the rail gun is really weak.

Well, that’ll be all for today!
Thank you for reading the iogames weekly newspaper! Let me know if you have any questions or comments about the newspaper. The next edition will be linked down below after its release:


Nice! You should definitely do something special for the anniversary.


any suggestions?

Maybe a Q&A, if you haven’t done it already?

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maybe a Q&A regarding the newspaper?

Yes, that would be cool!


Not accurate :skull:

Thats what his status message says, so if it isn’t accurate he’s straight up lying about how good he is

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