10 week anniversary! (+ an extra suprise...)

so, it came to my attention that the iogames weekly has just reached its 10 week anniversery, so just wanted to let you guys know!

you know, when i first started this i really didn’t have much motivation, especially when i just randomly forgot about making one edition…but i think it’s been really enjoyable so far, and i hope to keep doing it!

alr, well, see you guys lat-

nah, just kidding - did you really think i was gonna leave without giving you guys a special suprise?

well, yeah, so the suprise is a special iogames weekly Q&A!

feel free to ask me any questions about the iogames weekly down below, and i will try to answer all of them if i can!

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Did you have any inspiration for io games weekly?
Will you expand io games weekly?

yeah, i did!

basically, there was so much going on at the time that i wanted to make a newspaper to catalogue it and store it for all to see, as well as have a more concise way to learn all of the new information rather than poring through a bunch of topics.

i have always had ideas to do something to expand iogames weekly, but i was never sure what. if you/others make some suggestions that i like, perhaps i will!

Why no gen topic? Since you can avoid drama and focus on other bits

Have you read every single topic on this forum or usually only the most recent ones?

maybe i will add in the future i just wanted to focus on iogames

mh…i havent read all. i’ve read all of them since i joined…

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