200 Hours! Post your Sb times

wut is your guys’s swordbattle total times?
Screenshot 2023-10-05 8.40.52 AM

50 hours? I think

163 hours

27h 30m
9m XP

I barely play, but this is how long i’ve played for
Screenshot 2023-10-05 8.33.47 AM

your addicted


Yes. Uve only been here like 2 weeks

on forum i have, ive had swordbattle account for 268 days i think

26 hours

i played for like 10 minutes one time so im the bestest in the game

fax :slight_smile:

and lets not talk about the alt i gave to zuko :wink:

… omfg

Yall need to touch grass

I have like 5 hours lol



I don’t have that much hours spent as u can see in this screenshot :melting_face:


that’s a very low number. you would think #1 would have spent more time

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