3 0 0 (WE DID IT!)

so…after a year of making topics, hanging out, and socializing with the awesome community that is this forum…

i’ve done it.

and so i just wanted to make this post to…commemorate the achievement.

three hundred topics. i think its safe to say gautam won’t be passing this anytime soon…

but for real, i never imagined this. the world record, for me, was at first out of reach. it was amazing for me to become the wr owner…but now this is…really, crazy!!

idk what to say…i can’t believe i got here.

but, of course, not without your guys’s support.

so, to all of those people that have supported me and my topic-making since the very start - thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you. you know who you are :heart:

you guys are my main motivation…i don’t know what i would do without this amazing community :]

and i am so grateful for that…i plan to keep going and don’t think imma stop anytime soon…this really has become a passion of mine…

i applaud gautam for creating this outstanding forum, how the community is so welcoming is beyond me. i love posting for you all and if you all love my posts as much as i love you guys, then feel free to follow me :]]

since its 2024 now…i have a set of goals i wanna try to complete by 2025, and i know you all will get me there - just like the outstanding ppl you are.

love you all :]

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dang you finally did it

When sb weekly?

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That was penguin he stole my phone, so sorry friend

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but u said u lost your phone in world war 2

I would never lost my phone, I simply misplaced it for an undecided amount of time

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Congrats incog!! (Now can you please stop making posts no one is going to read?)

??? Stop lying :anger: I will never say something like that to incog <3

don’t u say skill issue?

I’ve said:
skill issue
touch grass

but I will never say anything that hurtful

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