(#3?!) where i am now

soo you may have seen my post a while ago called Most posts created? (and how i am planning to surpass the record)

it was about how i was number #9 in terms of how many posts created (of all time.) i also mentioned how it was my goal to surpass #1 on the leaderboard, which seemed quite far off from #9 to #1, now that i think about it.


ever since then, i’ve made a heck lot more topics than 103. no, i’ve made (as of now) 173 topics! soo…i was wondering…where would that put me for the most topics ranking?

well…i didn’t have to look far down the list…

officially #3 of topics created of all time! that’s a great achievement for me, especially considering how i thought that would be nearly impossible back when i was #9.

but i still plan to go further…watch out, gautam (and hamm ofc) - hehe. i will update you guys on my progress as i move up places!

what do you all think?

if you beat gautam he should make you owner

uh- i think that’s a bit much, don’t you think?

and no. no ifs allowed! i will beat gautam! just another 20 or so posts, pretty easy to accomplish over time.

look how has Gautam only received 161 likes this 2 months he deserves more

yeah for some reason that seems a bit…off idk why or if anyone else things so but…

No he has to give likes

He’s still #1 even in the past quarter

This is your 4th topic today :skull:

true but i definitely will surpass gautam for topics created at this rate. because from then to now, gautam increased his post count to 169 to 195 - a 26 difference. meanwhile, i have increased my post count from 103 to 170: a 67 post difference.

soo if i keep going at this rate, i will definitely pass gautam unless gautam suddenly turns on godmode and grinds topics or somthing crazy like that lol

ig thats true lol

then I shall surpass all by posting a lot more topics


you have only 24, so if you wanna surpass the ppl high up u are gonna have to do WAY WAY more than 4 topics per day lol…

400 topics today I shall make

i find your courage, quite admirable, sir. i shall give you my full admiration if you shalt make 400 topics today.

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I want to get owner!!

Man who is liking my posts lmao


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