45 students are in class. 32 wearing blue. 32 wearing red. How many wearing blue and red?

Need some help

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13 are wearing blue and red.

How? Cant it be 19 are wearing both, 13 are wearing just blue and 13 wearing just red?
It can also be 32 are wearing blue and the same 32 are wearing red

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It’s 19
(Idk tho)

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This is an act question supposedly but it makes no sense, maybe I’m just being stupid?

its 19 because 64-45=19

I doubt it
I think it’s 19
Get another source tho

but cant it be like 32 students are wearing blue and the same 32 are wearing red? is there a guarantee that they are only wearing blue or red?

It’s 100% poorly phrased but 19 makes most sense


bruh it is 19


well you at least figured it out (i know i didn’t help in anyway possible)

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13 sir if theres 45 studenrs 45-32 is 13 so the rest would have to be wearing both

Wat I think you guys are complicating it too much
Just find the overlap

64 - 45

Based on the discussion in the forum, it appears that there is still some confusion among the participants. The question’s phrasing is indeed ambiguous, which has led to differing interpretations. Let’s summarize the main points of view:

  1. Some participants believe that 19 students are wearing both blue and red because they subtracted the total number of students (64) from the number of students in the class (45) to find the overlap.

  2. Others argue that it’s 32 students who are wearing both blue and red, assuming that the 32 students wearing blue are the same as the 32 students wearing red.

  3. Others argue it’s 13 because 45-32

  4. There’s a consensus that the question is poorly phrased and unclear.

In a mathematical context, if you want to find the number of students wearing both blue and red without double-counting, the answer would be 19 students. However, the ambiguity in the question could lead to different interpretations.

It’s a good practice to clarify such questions to avoid confusion and ensure that everyone is on the same page when discussing mathematical problems.

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Technically it could be anywhere from 19 to 32 because based on that prompt 32 students could be wearing both blue and red all at the same time and the others could be wearing green for example. It doesn’t specifically say that every student is accounted for at least once or that every student has either red blue or both so technically there isn’t enough info. However, in the context I would say 19.

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This is why I hate all the mean medium and mode stuff with quartiles and more