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    Hello everyone and welcome to my fifth edition of my newspaper, iogames weekly . Every week, I will post a new edition of the newspaper, which will have all the latest updates and news in all the games categories. This week, we have some interesting news… Let’s get started!


For swordbattle.io news, we have a lot this week, so the category will focus on the more popular, or, trending, swordbattle.io posts of the week.

But first, one reminder before we get into the news: swordbattle.io v2 has been delayed, as you may know, but the exact date is unconfirmed as of now. Stay tuned for more announcements regarding v2!

First off, swordbattlerewind.io, episode one, has been released by py660! It is a website showing most past versions of swordbattle.io, that are playable! It even includes some updates on sword.io, which was swordbattle.io’s original name!

An advanced pvp tutorial by Moneyless has been released as well! It is super helpful for players intermediate and/or advanced at pvp.

An explanation of backhand and how it improves pvp has also been released, explaining all of the advantages of using backhand, regarded as Loler’s signature pvp strategy.

To close off the swordbattle.io category for the edition, we have a new strategy for dealing with roachers, posted by Shadowblade. It involves using the border glitch to escape roachers wanting to kill you during a grinding session! This works because only larger players can do this glitch, so roachers cannot escape the border.

For realmz.io, we have a small amount of news, but quite interesting! First, a new clan, RiP, has been created by Dark_Destroyer.

Next, gatewaa01 has come up with an interesting idea of an obtacle course defense idea, which would have it kill or push people off platforms.

And, last but certainly not least - this has been disputed, but Np has created a “true” realmz.io tierlist - it is very detailed and professional. Check it out in his post!

Icyfires has created a helpful tips for beginners post - it includes everything from basic mine-craft ettiquite, talking and interacting with people in servers to build connections. Icyfires also talked about buying and selling, which can boost your net worth of riches by a large margin, they say. They even put some links to let people check servers out


Recently, a new iogame has been added to the forum - stellarclash.io; an engaging pvp game situated in space, where your goal is to make your spaceship the largest and most powerful of them all!

There has been only one reported incident so far of extreme lag in stellarclash. This iogame is starting with a strong start!

Thank you for reading the iogames weekly newspaper! Let me know if you have any questions or comments about the newspaper. The next edition will be linked down below after its release:


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