500k coins 🪙

Thx for jay and wither for helping


Ay congrats my guy

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Bruh I have not seen Jay for like weeks

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Ye he got bck on

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Cool, sent you something :joy:

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can u help me get that much

Idek fam

how can I get coins

play swordbattle.io


How can I get the 500k coins?

You get laggier the longer you play, so it’s best to have a swordbattle game that isn’t laggy at the start. When you’re on these grinds, it’s best to stick with lumberjack for its high damage against chests.

Ok, Thanks.(p.s., I desined a video game)

Why did you desine it what did those sine waves do to you

I have not released it and me and cole are working in graphics