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  • a new way of finding topics to write about has been introduced to the iogames weekly: topics written about will mostly be from the trending category of each section

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  • skillfite.io, mine-craft.io, gatdamn.io, stellarclash.io has not been added to this edition of the iogames weekly due to no posts in the past seven days

Hello everyone and welcome to my sixth edition of my newspaper, iogames weekly . (time flies fast, doesn’t it?) Every week, I will post a new edition of the newspaper, which will have all the latest updates and news in all the games categories. This week, we have some news for everyone, no matter their favorite io-game…so let’s get started!


This week we have less than usual news for swordbattle.io, but still enough for the community to find plenty to discuss.

First up, we have a topic by 3RG3R about a starfish skin made by a friend. It is likely to be AI-generated, but some people believe it was handmade. Nevertheless, it looks pretty cool!

Next: a question posed by Coolguy53, the one asked by swordbattlers everywhere - is v2 coming soon. Suprisingly, in the post, Gautam gave a little information about v2, saying that it was “almost done” and that he is weapping up the profile and leaderboard pages, as well as the whole skin ordeal, and then that he would be ready. People still expect a couple of weeks at least until it is released.

Tpglitch has also announced some sad news - that Sword1v1 is shutting down due to high costs.

Also, I (incognitoes) have created a post called “How to counter abilities. (detailed explanation)” which is a complete guide showing you how to counter abilities, with lots of examples and details. Some tips have also been dropped by commenters!

A poll about w tapping v. s tapping has shown that the majority of swordbattle.io players w-taps instead of s-taps as well.


This time we have less news than usual for realmz.io, still enough for some talk though.

Anonymous, a user who mains realmz.io, has been really active recently and helping promote the game. Anonymous posts are interesting, regarding various glitches/boss fights they have had in realmz.io.

Some of Anonymous’s popular posts include ones about his idea for a rail gun weapon, which has gotten a lot of views. Also, Anonymous has posted lots of topics regarding them beating bosses with certain weapons.


Spare but exciting news for lurkers.io fans - the io game’s official discord server has been released to the forum, so anyone who wants to get further involved in the lurkers.io community can join the discord server.

Thank you for reading the iogames weekly newspaper! Let me know if you have any questions or comments about the newspaper. The next edition will be linked down below after its release:


Apolegies for the shorter content, this was because a lot of the categories had not had a posted topic created in the past 7 days.

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