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Hello everyone and welcome to my eighth edition of my newspaper, iogames weekly . Amazing to think this is already my eighth edition! Every week, I will post a new edition of the newspaper, which will have all the latest updates and news in all the games categories. This week, we have a little for everyone. Let’s start!


Much to the community’s excitement, swordbattle.io v2 will be releasing in around 20 days!

Ever since that announcement the community has begun preparing for v2’s release already…to start things off we have Ano’s post regarding daily challenges once v2 releases.

there are different tiers of challenges to complete: Acol, OGs, Pro, Semi-Pro, Normal, and Noob Challenge Levels. Be sure to try at least one of these teirs once v2 releases!

Related to that topic, the official trailer for v2 has released on youtube, so be sure to watch it! Along with that, two in-detail posts about the various leaks have been published: my “V2 Trailer EXPLAINED” and Victor.XenVixOwner’s “Swordbattle V2 | Researched [UPDATED]”.

Preparing for v2, gautam has also requested someone to help them come up with a new ability button for v2. Many good examples have been posted so far, but it is unclear which will be chosen.

A new SB skin has been released as well: a pride skin to celebrate all of those part of the LGBTQIA+ community!

Also, an interesting post by Doran_LovesFlowers has created a topic regarding the top 10 strongest players under 20M xp. The comments have been pretty interesting so far! Make sure to add your own opinion if you know someone who is not in the comments yet.


For the realmz.io this week, there are only a couple of (notable topics) that are included. However, the topics there are very interesting indeed!

So, let’s start it off with a trending topic this week: a question posed by WOLVES_GAMING6432: should realmz.io add a team mode? and so far, there have been mixed answers. Feel free to contribute your own opinion if you feel strongly!

Also, MINION has made a post asking the community what he should do with a halloween-themed chest: use for all coins, wait for next halloween, or leave it?

Thank you for reading the iogames weekly newspaper! Let me know if you have any questions or comments about the newspaper. The next edition will be linked down below after its release:


Why don’t you do off topic?

Wait it is chill-corner now I forgot

You should also talk about drama within the community.

I’d say to just do that as another thing, I wouldn’t imagine that working too well in iogames weekly


simply because the iogames weekly is a newspaper whose focal point is the io games of the forum, not particularly the off-topic discussions that go on.

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Oh alrighty then makes sense

yeah, no problem! i encourage you all to ask questions because it means i’ve been unclear and it will help me fix that. thx! :heart:

You forgot the owner literally left, nvm that was today

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yeah- wait the owner left??? i literally JUST logged on for the first time today loll what happened.

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