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Hello everyone and welcome to my ninth edition of my newspaper, iogames weekly . Amazing to think that almost 10 weeks have passed! Every week, I will post a new edition of the newspaper, which will have all the latest updates and news in all the games categories. This week, we have a little for everyone. Let’s start!

The community is still waiting eagerly for v2 to come out in approximately 13 days!

And preparing for v2, Jasper has created an artwork for v2 called “Discover what’s past the mountains” for promotionary art. And considering the quality, it may well work! Great job, Jasper.

Wasd has also created a post regarding an Acol skin refund, posted shortly after the Acol skin’s price was reduced from 100 million to 1 million. So far gautam has refused, but I will keep you updated on this if any further developments occur.

Shadowblade has recently speedrunned another 1mil run in just 54 minutes, so congulations Shadowblade for that fast time!

On a similar note, AAProdsYT has finally reached top 100 of all time, after weeks of grinding! Congrats, Prods!

NMV_PenguinLord561 has created a post about various requests that might improve gameplay. The post is quite long, so here’s a recap.

Penguin suggested that there be a more powerful speed boost possible to enable people to catch up/run away better than with a sword throw.

Another suggestion was to have a boost feature added similar to evowars.io or yohoho.io, again related to more speed.

Penguin also had the idea to maybe buff the sword throw and swing. For example, swinging their primary weapon and then swapping to their secondary/sub.

And Penguin’s final idea: to slow growth to level the playing field.

Now to realmz.io, starting with some sad news…Much to the sadness of both the realmz.io, swordbattle.io, and all of the other iogames community, futurepear has decided to quit developing realmz.io, including the community, announcing being inactive on forum/discord.

In futurepears place, CrabCakes will be moderating.

And on a happier note, a new update will be coming soon, including a completely new biome, the woodlands biome, so, make sure to check it out to support realmz.io!

Thank you for reading the iogames weekly newspaper! Let me know if you have any questions or comments about the newspaper. The next edition will be linked down below after its release:


Ok, cool! Do you know who is going to be the new person developing realmz?

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I think it is CrabCakes

ye he’s staff now

If there are not many Iogames can you make a Chill-Corner Section

What about me :cry:. I got top 100

i send you an award for trying to be the first one to get 100th place and succeding

Yeah you should be added

yeah, crabcakes, sorry for not mentioning that.

so sorry prods it slipped my mind :( im adding u right away :saluting_face:

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