a comprehensive guide on how to kill all hostile mobs. (not including bosses)

so ever since my recent lava boss tutorials, someone came into my pms and asked me this:

so i decided…why not?

so, here it is. a comprehensive guide on how to kill all hostile mobs…i’ll be organizing this in a sort of stats/info sort of let’s get into it.

first off…

the wolf.

found in: plains/grass biome.
hostile: when attacked.

now, to deal with wolves, you’re going to want to tap the key opposite of towards the wolf in whatever orientation you’re in right before the wolf hits you. keep approaching the wolf to stop it regening, and continue backing up momentarily before the wolf attacks to finish it off.

the moose.

found in: all biomes.
hostile: when attacked.

similar to the wolf, they only attack when provoked, so the same strategy used against the wolf will be good against moose as well. however, the main difference is moose are much larger, so you will have to be extra mindful of that and back up early. also, keep in mind the knockback takes moose really far, so make sure to keep on going towards it when it’s not about to attack.

the yeti.

found in: all biomes
hostile: always.

for yetis, i find it particularly useful to strafe around them and hit them. when the yetis turn away is the perfect time to attack them again- and try to avoid letting them touch you as it will hurt you, and can rack up damage fast if you’re pinned against a wall.

the chimera.

found in: lava biome.
hostile: always.

to deal with these pesky little guys, try to keep out of their hitbox. once you get in it can be hard to get out, especially with less speed, so the best way to fix that is to keep clear of it in the first place! hit them whenever they come close, and if you want to kill them, try hitting them in the direction of a wall, so you can kill them without having to chase after them.

hope this helped!


How do you kill bunnies?

That’s the neat part, you don’t.

(Why would you kill bunnies anyways :sob:)

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I have a hunch, although they are the smallest, they’ll have the largest amount of coins since they’re such a pain to get.
I’d bet they have about 100k in each leg. (You know, rabbit’s foot is a lucky thing)
Or maybe I’m just speculating.
Either way, I want to find out.

corner it against a wall (it only gives like 30 coins)

Dagnabbit. @gautam Make one the bunnies worth 400k coins for St. Patrick’s Day, please.

yep, was about to say that loll

would be cool lol yea

flabbergastingly impossible. indeed.

Lol no

it would be funny if it dropped like 10k tho

yeah that’s the secret to grinding, you get beserker max speed and slaughter the bunnies

… its really easy to kill bunnies

wronmg account gautam

Why cover the username? Alt?

…I’m going to find you


no but like only one bunny in the whole biome that u gotta find and it only spawns when the bosses spawn or smth