A cool video I made

I don’t feel like making a yt channel right now so here
What do you think
Bye (that was a pain to edit)

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NMV_PenguinLord561 do you mean “made” in the title?

what game is that I wana play it its looks cool

stfu You bloody creep it was just a mistype you are stupid also


I can’t watch the video bc I don’t have a capcut acc and I don’t want to make anymore accs… (my problem)

you need an acc to watch? Fine sigh I will make a yt channel

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wait is that editing :skull:

game seems cool il check it out mayeb i can gte on lederbord

good luck comrade!!

ik its bad

I edit for a living I got u :sob:

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No need to get offensive. He was just correcting a mistake you made you could’ve just said “thankyou” and edit the title to how its supposed to be

Or since its your topic just go here

And than just edit it

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Editing is dogwater could be improved also at the end looks like 720p

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@penguin and im being a bit extra cause ik how to edit so mb if it sounds rude

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Sorry it’s just that artiemars has been annoying

I know he can be weird and annoying but just ignore him.


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