A new era

So I noticed yesterday that the forum looked different, and the url as well and stuffs like that; Also @gautam had posted this:

In my opinion, this will broaden the playerbase a lot, and also remove some people (but I believe the pros outweigh the cons). The reason? Well, there are a lot of different io games, and swordbattle.io is one of them. Many people love io games, so where do they go? The io games forum, ofc!!

And once those people see swordbattle.io on the forum, they would try it - therefore adding, potentially, lots of people to the swordbattle.io playerbase. This may very well usher in a new era of not only the forum, but swordbattle.io.

I am very excited to see how this rebranding goes. I already noticed a massive spike of forum account creations since this rebrand has been put into motion. And when more games get added, more forum activity will also start.

The only small con is that people who love swordbattle.io (and thus joined the forum) will discover a game that is “better” and switch to that game. Of course that would only affect swordbattle.io, not the forum.

what do you guys think about this rebrand?


I personally agree and had the same thought process forum has always been more active then discord but still would hit its lows having it be more diverse is a good idea to help advertisers small io games and expand the community

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