A username

Hello everbody, I discovered that my username that i use for most things, erger561, means worse561.

reply here if you want to see yours.

@prookl yours means procl
Screenshot 2023-10-26 12.08.17 PM

@Monke guess your a monk…
Screenshot 2023-10-26 12.10.39 PM


does not trans;ate

try Doom Slayer

damn this is crazy


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bread :+1:

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what does procl mean?

Translate erger burger please.

haha, the thing your absolutely love is bad

If erger means worse, than doesn’t your username mean worse?

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look at my post, what did I just say, and that is most my my usernames, this is 3RG3R, it means nothing

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3RG3R does not mean nothing.
What is 3RG3R but replaced the 3’s with e?

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ERGER is what it would be



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what does “JUN” mean?
Screenshot 2023-10-27 12.43.04 PM
I dont get it, I am too dumb
Screenshot 2023-10-27 12.44.05 PM

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Neither do I

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it might be .01 somthing

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Test mine! @Undefeat_Blade

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