About the Developers of Realmz.io

Realmz.io is created by some members of FuturePearStudios. Here are the developers:

  1. Futurepear
    Futurepear coded the game, made graphics for the game, and did other stuff.

  2. Crab Cakes
    Crab cakes does code maintenance and helps makes graphics for the game.

Unfortunately there are no other developers.

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thats it, thats all of them

you missed N.y, the developer of the mobile port of the game

i was rejected dev status T-T


? what

what about dorm

my brain no longer brain

:skull: no way this kid thought he’d get dev

blud is NOT getting dev

He tried to submit ai art multiple times and act like he drew it

that is not even what dev is :skull:

Well thats what he thought being a dev was