Acol skin is 1m what happens to the people who bought for 100m lol

Acol skin is 1m what happens to the people who bought for 100m lol



I thought it was 100 mil. Why did it change?

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Quickly buy it before it goes back
HURRY :moneybag:

hold on when did it change?? im buying quick before it changes back lol

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That’s exactly what I did. When I saw this post (17 hours ago) I thought it was too late. But I wasn’t :smile:

I personally dont like the skin, idrc if the price changed back

I personally think it should stay at 1mil, just because the skin could’ve had much more to it. Its really just basic shapes with text on top

Yes, but it’s important to the game. That alone should make the price at least 10 mil.

If that should be 10mil then angel skin deserves to be like 20mil, ofc its becoming an og skin though so thats just hypothetical


i think people who bought the acol skin when it was 100 mill should get 99m back i think oyoyoy and acol bought it

I dont think it will change back

im pretty sure manage did not really like this skin

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angels skin is 500k so i agree it should be 1m

It will stay at1m
It will not become og
The end


Yeah but the people who bought for 100m need 99m back

Late response but if I remember it was because it was way higher priced then all player skins like angel and dev and bread

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