Addicted people tierlist

  1. Lava
  2. Bob The Conqueror
  3. Quadopus
  4. xRapt
  5. Hitman
  6. Herz
  7. Debesh
  8. Minion
  9. Devil
  10. AgentHershey

everyone above needs to hop tf off

u forgot me

No, you don’t count because you are the goat.

i see ty pookie

Devil permanently left after getting temporarily chatbanned and hated on by the whole realmz community

He was like the most addicted person before he ragequit

Fr like play this too much

Well I was grinding for florb so I kinda have a reason

btw i saw devil back on hte server about a week ago

Dang, 10/10 for TC members

Good riddance

Didnt know quadopus and Lava were TC

I thought you had the members list? hmmmmm?

I do, but quad immediately left so I thought he was kidding. Also, I haven’t checked it lately, and I’m assuming lava joined recently. In this case, I think I might not be able to solo your whole clan. :C

You haven’t been able to for a few weeks. Pretty sure you didn’t read the members list at all. Or you just don’t know some of those people.

Havent been in discord in 2 weeks, bud

Quad’s been a member for nearly a month,
bud. Tbh I think it became impossible for you to solo all of us at equal lvl when we reached member #4, we had Some early strong hitters.

I already explained that I thought it wasnt real considering that quad left the server immediately(I can see you cant read very well). If I actually played more than once a month, I would be able to solo about 8 of you(assuming that neither lava or king puma are there because they carry your clan)

Also why are you trying to argue over nothing lmao. You do this with future too over bs like erthium

Funny how youre replying literally immediately