Adding to Crazygames and other large networks

why the frick is their a boy tag? you know the Number 1 best player is a girl right

fire pointโ€ฆ

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prob cause violent games are considered โ€œboy gamesโ€

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Idk Iโ€™ll add a girl one too but all the girl ones are just makeup or doll house games and I think the people who use this site are just 6 year olds

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Yeah Iโ€™ve been noticing that a lot of the gameโ€™s players are at most 8 now after it was added to these game sites


kinda off topic but yeahโ€ฆ

โ€ฆi dunno

legit there was a 3rd grader, he was whining that he \was bad at the game.

lol actually

its gonna be added on gamepix soon :open_mouth:


bro these players are going to be 5 year olds after these releases

Nah I keep getting wrekt by them unless I team we gotta do something about it

we need an age limit lol maybe 12+?

This 11 year old kept swearing at me and challenged me to a roast battleโ€ฆ it was embarrassing for the both of us.

gen alpha kids lol