so i hopped on to the forum just now and…

i noticed a particular badge in my feed. aficionado.

so i just wanted to say…dang, i would have never gotten here if not for you guys. i mean…this forum has been such an endless source of joy and entertainment for me, you can’t even imagine.

the only reason i got this badge was because…oh, the forum is such an awesome community, truly.

with that being said, i never did expect to get this badge. i’ve said this many times before, but i will say it again - it seems especially fitting for this badge.

well… i started this forum as a hobby, and a hobby only. i would come on once and a while, see what was going on.

but as time passed…i began to like the forum more and more. so i began to comment. i began to like. and i began to post.

so many supportive and kind people have helped me throughout my journey to this point, so i wanted to say thank you to all of those people - you know who you are.

love you all, see you in the next post :]


i got this yesterday :muscle: but good job

Do we have a life??

got this like a week or 2 ago

I got it a long time ago

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Same aswell

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yeah i am kind of new compared to most of you, but still - i did get it

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You newer than me → You still have aficionado → You have no life → I have a life

yeah i committed to not having a life a while ago

Don’t worry I would consider wasd new to it to still XD

I’ll take being old as a compliment oldie

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For the badge your the oldie of this conversation

I’m not old impossible!

Old for the fourm idk game wise

I’m decently old

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