AIGHT FAM so yall prob dont know

SO as you know I am the anime obsessed anime goddess BUT Ive been thinking should I change my little character here… ill let yall pick some if you don’t ima kiss you so you better comment ALSO PLEASE ARGUE DOWN THERE I WANT ALLLL THE DRAMA also guantem animenized the forum for like an hour

aight ill start the drama… yall some idiots like cant even code like its been a year come on children.

yadadbdabdadbadba angry coder noise yababdabdabdadba

shut yo annoying butt up sounding like fred flintstone why dont you yaba daba get your self outa here

Big embed fail:

insert Boowomp spogbob here

bro talks like a 2nd grader bro you finished first grade english yet

no :augh:

what is this thread about? :skull:


yes cry child

are you prookl?

im the orginal argument causer dont loop me in with that unoriginal loser

Your the orginal tantrum giver and prookl is funny caugh caught tl4

lol no- prookl doesn’t start arguments, he just makes prookly posts with random stuff that a normal human cannot comprehend. i know why you made this thread- its so you can make more “engaging” threads

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unlike you Idc about my rating here if I did I wouldn’t have left for 6 months (I could of had trust 3 by now) possibly even mod

yes he is just a unorginal copy of me BHAAHAH

i was tl3…

Not mod your getting ahead of your self

ive been here yearrrsssss heck i got a skin made for me already