Am I the first person to get 1k on a off-topic post?

Bro penguin joined May 2022 :skull:

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Yeah they joined after me I remembered when they joined…

My things messed up :D

Go to my first post it will be in 2022…

This one?

No :smiley:

I had one before that
But its unlisted

Send us a link. I think if it’s unlisted, you can still send the link for people to see. It just won’t show up on people’s feed.

I made a kpop skin post a month after case 143 was out

Wait… was your first post the Kpop skin?

Yeah :D

The most scary skin probaly ever made…

Still in 2023 tho

That was made in January 23rd, 2023,

HOW TF rrfkokrfokrf

Welp Im a probaly get this post to 500… views :D

Cause everything I do/say can get me canceled on twitter…

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