I had another update idea.
Again, like all my ideas, I don’t expect this to be added.

This update would be based on the way the game is right now but can be changed to fit in after future updates.

The map would be basically the same, but the Grass Biome will have a revamp.

It would be covered in ancient ruins, like pillars, archways, etc

Screenshot 2024-05-13 7.35.48 PM

something like that, but more organized and detailed

the ascetic for it could be like grey stone with vines on it.

At the center of the structure, there could be a lake/pond.

a koi pond would be nice

and in that center area is where the boss would spawn

yall can choose how it looks, but I recommend a similar scheme to the ruins


Nothing new, other than the boss

GOLEM - I have two ideas for it, it can either shoot/fire stuff like the other bosses, or it should be able to summon special pillars around it from the ground that do damage. it also shouldn’t be fast like the yeti, but not too slow.


like I said above, there could be ruins with pillars, archways, towers, and walls that have hitboxes. However, the player should be able to go between archways


Maybe add a new evolution related to the thing?

this would be the perfect time to add Jasper’s Aztec Skin

maybe this could be an event, and could have other things added too.

Hope y’all like it!

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Since roku is kinda like a golem I was thinking the boss (maybe for the grass biome in general) could just be like a statue thats a player but bigger and more advanced, maybe could have some special power too