Another boring thank you post but i mean it sincerely so THANK YOU

i have 25 followers LES GOOO
@DARKSTAR (been gone since november but he was my first)
@dev3x (we all remember him, right?)
@SpiffyCayden (he self banned)
@ɹɐſ (cool guy)
@MKwolfie2011 (made my epic pfp)
@_MV_NeverWinCSGO ( uri?)
@ ㅤㅤㅤ(what is this name)
@Nukes (my bf)
@Slapadabass (the og bass)
@frumpy (best frog)
@ANGEL (#1 pvper)
can we make it 50???
also please don’t be offended if i didn’t say anything about you

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And another one who started the 25 follower one?

noooooooooo totally og

Og was the 50 followers one by dev

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congrats :tada: :partying_face:

HMmmmmm… Bf as in best friend? :face_with_monocle:

no that translates to banana foot

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i’ll let him answer that

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hello evryone

nahhh it translates to banana foot and you know it


lol isnt me… I forgot to follow you but i am now!

ohhhhhhh sorry then!

i swear she is someone’s alt tho

they are IP’s alt

bruh why cant i edit

it says you can only mention 10 people in one post but then how did it get published

its funky TGFB did that too