Another quick 100k :>

Screenshot 2023-10-09 at 12.44.04 PM

another 100k! i need something harder…ahem…1mil… (yeah that’s coming soon, i will notify you guys when it will happen)

as i said in my other post, i am looking for openings in my schedule for the 1mil run…i am bad at the game lol so it’ll take me a while to do my 1mil run.

Just a heads up, it took me around 52 minutes to hit 1 mil during my 2.4mil grind. Posting a video about it in… the near future? idk


I’m curious what’s the method to get that much so fast?


I am Curious about that also

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haha i’m gonna be there to ruin ur run

stab kids

Nice, how long did it take you?

100k is ez cause if you join into a full server and its 2 50ks or 60ks that’s ez 100k

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