any writing tips?

so, as you guys know i’m pretty decent at writing. but i think there’s always room for improvement…

one thing i’ve noticed, for example, is my overuse of ellipses from adopting a kinda content-creator-oriented topic approach on my topics.

i think any tips would be greatly appreciated, help me become a better writer on forum but also in life, because i’m hoping to become a writer, or have a job suited to or surrounding writing when i get older.



Use proper grammar.
Capitalization is very very important in giving a more polished/professional.

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add more skibidi toilets

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other than capitalization, because you’ll notice in the competition series i DO use capitalization properly, this is just branding for my posts which absolutely are not meant to give off a job-resume vibe

no joke replies. i need to improve in order to get a job like that in the future so please take this seriously

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It’s not a joke smh, you should obviously add more Skibidi Toilets.

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Don’t use ChatGPT. (you don’t but still)
Like penguin said, grammar.
Use cool words (makes you look smarter)
Use even cooler punctuation (makes you REALLY look smarter)
Styllize your topic

Be a G, like me. Understand what makes people like characters. Make plots not too plain and predictable. Be original, or if you do copy off something change it around to the point you can it yours (but don’t copy in general, or you can be taken to court or be copyrighted)

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dont be gman and you should be fine :sunglasses:

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done :salute:

i use it in posts which are deemed needed.

cool, meaning informative/pertaining to an advanced or intriguing set of vocabulary?

like how? what are some examples?

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done at all of these in my series bahahaha

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Don’t be fatherless and your a chill writer…unlike Monke.
(I swear I’m jk)

Semicolons make you look smart; I love semicolons! :D

yo wait i was aboutta mention that-

one thing about semicolons tho is if u misuse them your going to come across as ignorant (pertaining to grammar of course :sob:)

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Semicolons must always be used correctly; otherwise they look stupid.




lol does this look like a formal topic to you??

I’m using them correctly.

Semicolons are used in between 2 independent clauses, or in between 2 independent clauses with a connecting word that isn’t a conjunction

Is it possible to see a sample of your writing?