Anybody have unblocker links for sb?

Really don’t think I’m the only one playing SB with a unblocker. Matter of fact I’m using unblocker right now to send this post but this one has ok to bad fps, but I can’t find a better one and this one has some problems like I can’t even reply to personal messages and it’s really irritating since I want to answer some things in my personal stuff, but I can’t. This probably helps others as well since the other Unblocker links like holy got blocked*:skull: and it is getting increasingly hard to find unblocker links this would help a lot thanks. :grin:

Edit: the link to my unblocker is Utopia (
also just post the link to the unblocker or type in the URL. Let’s all hope that they work :skull:


Have you used any of the mega posts?


Also this one

No I mean my school has blocked the sb link ill try this one though

This one is the best unblocked post


I have tried them all and ALL ARE blocked.

All of them?! Jeese schools aren’t slacking off anymore

Bro my school has blocked literally half of everything, everything that you think are unblocked ARE BLOCKED.

Except some things

Maybe GitHub has some u blockers?

Also, all of the links that I open open up in the unblocker I’m using.


Read my post before this one I meant IT.

no two before

Who changed it to three hours after last reply?

Hm odd I’ll change it back