anyone remember this clown?

so back in october, there was sum deluded noob who thought he was the shi for sum reason an he tried to get me to let him join dn(thinking that I was the leader :joy: )

Here’s some funny ss’s of his dms w/me.

He kept insisting that the only weapon I was good at was dragoon even tho I clapped him w/abt 5 diff. weapons earlier


he begged me to 1v1 again and I agreed.
This time he got 1 hit on me w/ champ(and that was from camping :skull: )
I tried to be nice tho cuz he probably gets bullied in school

Immediately pretends to not have been begging to join DN lmfao

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of course he’s american

what is that supposed to mean bro

yo i remember this loser i also trashed on him as well

American’s are just like that


Ngl though all the Europeans (excluding the UK since we are too similar to the US) and foreigners have been super nice but almost all the Americans are bad

im american…


I’m sorry… ):

me too xD

almost tbh it is probably less than half I just said it for exaggeration

English is hard :augh:


I thought i was decent :sob:

ye i remeber this kid absolubly getting wooped by 5 bots (not really) the s-19022 sthm like them destroy the sht out of them.


he’s black, im pretty sure(not that it means anything)

Is that why you rejected him from DN? Racism exposed.

Friendly fire is not tolerated


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