Arachne Skin

Arachne Skin
Price: 2m
Desc: Precision. Power. Performance.

Dartboard (8)
electroshock (3)


its really cool

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Make the sword have 8 legs instead of 6


will do

@Slapadabass How does that look?


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still not good, but we’re getting there :laughing:

@Slapadabass Ok, I edited the skin as well now. Does it look better or worse now?

I like the old one better, this one makes him look like he has hair ngl

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Screenshot 2023-02-20 10.34.32 AM
what is this

Supposed to be legs I think

theres an extra little prong on it

AUGH you’re RIGHT Frump change that please

oh heavens im on it

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Good eye, I never even saw that xd

looks nice

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i got u bro

If you wanted the skin to be more accurate, I’d suggest giving the guy 8 eyes instead of 6

yeah i agree

nice like the sword