it’s been a while since i used archergod.

and uh…

it’s an understatement that it’s overpowered.

its really, really op…, i mean it can two shot all un evo-d players, and it can 3-shot almost all other evolutions, especially if you have decent movement .

although, it’s not without annoyances. for example, it is good for people who want to get lots of kills in, not so much grinding…

also, archergod, in my opinion, is pretty boring for regular gameplay if you just two/three shot most players and then break chests - the endless cycle -

buut still really op. ofc. that’s just archergod for you ;]

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Hm I think archergod is fun to snipe with really satisfying to clear a server! After that it boring tho and easy to kill if someone gets warrior


yes i agree because once you clean the server out it gets pretty boring

the people you’ve killed will respawn and you just twoshot them over and over again cuz they try roaching

Yep reaaaaally boring like so boring I can’t survive for more than 5 minutes and a hassle to deal with roachers


yeah i did manage to get a good 170k in tho!

It really needs to be nerfed, archer and archergod do the most damage in the game and have relative fast cooldowns too

Archer is trash imo the ability does practically nothing speed wise and dmg is reasonable

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I personally think it’s for fun to fight with actual evolutions. Archergod takes almost no skill. Knowing how annoying it is to face, I’ll never use archergod for real. Really hope it’ll get reworked in V2, or just removed entirely.

Here was my idea for a rework:

He added that to the game (check my post), but I feel like it was not enough

Won’t the evolution system get overhauled in v2?

Yeah, archergod is annoying, but it’s also very, very fun.(When you are playing it of course)

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Archergod too weak, someone just needs Berserker To Kill you

really, you think so? beserkers are easy kills with archergod in my opinion, you just need to have decent spacing and aim. even their ability is pretty weak because it is one of the most agressive abilities, but also one of the easiest to counter defensively.

I hate archergod no matter what it always takes the fun out of the game, its the most anger-inducing experience when someone else has it because they ALWAYS abuse it, and its frickin boring when you use it yourself and it makes it feel like you aren’t actually doing anything or getting better at the game, just that you have a way too op class


any archergod i see i kill them (with berserker) idk for the others

If @gautam dont nerf i quit!

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sigh I agree. All op classes in other io games require actual skill!! (Overlord, factory and Annilator for diep/arras) Also all those classes have some kind of weakness. Archergod just has no health but that dosen’t really make it balanced. Archergod should be removed.

Archergod shouldn’t have even been in the game in the first place. Not sure if this was intended, but I personally think that evolutions aren’t actual upgrades, but rather unique playstyles to try out (for example, how lumberjack is fit for a more grinding playstyle). The reason archergod sucks is because its just archer but unbalanced, and it doesn’t have a unique playstyle it just copies archer


I think you could decrease it speed and regeneration to nerf it