Are we Ever here

Are we Ever here are we really in control of are brain are we in the 3rd seat giving suggestions or are we just puppets in control for now but not ever really

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No Just No

now think we are just a speck in a entire universe are existence is temporary we are just there with billions on this planet we will be forgotten in time not remembered

Now that is correct

we are here but we are never noticed. we speak but never heard. we are humans but rarely treated like one we are just a speck in a sea of sand

Bro is running out of ideas for topics

oh really want to test that theory

Its starting to get to the point where it feels like spamming

To find out watch the Bluey episode “Puppets” The only children’s show that’s actually good and breaks the 4th wall!!
Edit: Nvm all kids shows break the 4th wall by saying “Which one is the one with more potatoes??” or something like that

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