ArtieMars for Secretary

As y’all know it’s ArtieMars (A skin creator.).

I’m running for secretary because I want to block bad stuff from General Chat. I know what you’re wonder, “Why should we vote for an idiot :smirk:.”

This is my reason for voting for me:

  1. I’m known for being active and kind. (< :billed_cap: only for the kind part sometimes actually nice if someone doesn’t annoy me.)

  2. I can make general chat a better place; for example: If there is disturbance in chat, I can easily take it off, secondly, I can be the most responsiveness person in chat, and thirdly, if y’all have any questions I’ll try my best with the best solution for your problem.

  3. As y’all know I will be taking all responsibility for anything that is bad in general chat.

On last note, if y’all have problems in real life I’ll try my best to give y’all the best solution to the problem, and I said this to people I know (physically) “Even though I hate someone I still care for them.”
Spread them tea:tea::tea::tea:

Will YOU vote for me.
  • Yes
  • No
0 voters

Signing off,
Your pending Secretary.


He mean dude

  1. you r calling a game racist when in the meantime u r actually :dog: at it.

shut up

good one

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