Ask me anything (DOOMSLAYER Q&A)

Ask me anything, just keep on topic please

Favorite food?

Mexican Food, specifically Enchiladas and Quesadillas, along with Tacos and burritos, just delicious

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How did you find out about swordbattle?

u good at sb

I found SB on replit and then i started to play and created an account, fun when i first joined on October 3rd, 2022, i had started my journey towards all skins when i had joined as well

I rarely ever play, but iā€™m ever so decent, but not the best

U play cod

Yes i have, but mostly zombies because zombies is fun

Which one bo2?

Black ops 1 and 3 and also cold war, i barely play Bo2


can i get the bfg back?


k i still got the crucible :))

What is your best swordbattle game?

around 250k coins along with 9 kills and staying alive for around 40-50 minutes

well this was forgotten quickly

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Are you the real doom slayer :flushed: