Ask Me Anything! (HitmanFrog)

A lot of people have asked me questions about how a frog can be a hitman, among other things… SO ASK AWAY!

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how does a frog…


Depends on the person…?
Which kind of person are you asking about.


Let’s take this to DM.

are u dumb?


can u kill someone for me

No, due to scientific testing, I am a smart frog.
:smiley: :frog:


would you rather die in lava or get shot in the heart

he is also a frog who abandoned his family

Shot in the heart


Would you rather be Vesta or Venus (roman godesses)

would you rather kill your best friend or die 1 one second

Die in 1 second

venus i can not be a virgin forever plus i am already devishly handsome

would you rather be named Gefter or your last name be Sexton