Ask me anything (incognitoes)

so i was kinda bored…

just like the title said, ask me anything. I will answer every. single. question. (only if i know the answer)

do you like to swim

do you like to run

are you better at long distance or short?

yes, i like to swim but i don’t do it very often for some reason lol maybe i should swim more


Swimming is my main sport, how about you?

I swim 200 butterfly in swim meats

do you think that is hard.

I don’t do it much, as I said, so I’m like average at it

yes prolly lol as i said i don’t swim much but when i do i love doing it

Okay, can you name all four strokes, this should be easy

how long is one way across the pool?

Where do you live?

do u mean front crawl, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly?

Bro forgot frontstroke (in america)

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im not gonna tell u that lol

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yeah, in the United states, it is called freestyle though, but it used to be called front crawl

o yeah but he said four only so

lol it can also be callled that