Aztec Skin / Suggested by ManagePasswords

i learned that in history lol


i just got idea
(must make post)

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Perfect. :+1: @gautam


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How did I not see this skin wtf, should be new higher than miner ngl


no please!
broke people like me cant afford that
make it 100k or smthn pwease :pleading_face:

Really hope there’s going to be a 1 mil gem skin in the next update.

is this a sign of possible skin update

the fact you only now just saw this skin is criminal :sob:

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cant wait to get on oys acc one day and see this skin bought in like 2 weeks (Oy has miner somehow already :skull:)

or impulse buy tea skin on his acc instead lol

Can u add my one then? It isn’t nearly as good but it is also old

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Slap better

I forgot to add it to the “send your skins here” topic, my bad

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Havent even checked the b2 skins and i kinda agree. Not as good as the old cyber punk neon ones frumpy used to do for v1

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