Bad News... (health)

My mom and grandma have a disorder called bipolar…

I have a really hard time focusing and am randomly silly or depressed…

I am afraid I have it for these reasons too…

I do all of these except for the 2nd to last…

My mom went to jail a couple times, for doing reckless things…
dm me for more details about my mom

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So are you quitting?


Hear me out.

You have a therapist.



why do people say this to the forum and not people irl that can help?

Are you quitting? YAY

Wrd what we supposed to do give him 3 sents for funding like he thinks the forum is a therapist for him

1st. because I can talk about it to somebody

2nd. Because almost none of you know me, so you cant help

tell your gaurdian abt how your therapist isnt helping, we can’t help you with diagnosing you with this stuff. the best we can do is to talk to you

I lik talking :D

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