Best Player………………

Hello my friends I have a question for all of you I know this has already been done but a lot has happened a new players have risen so I just want to see what it is now.

I will say probably W’ or acol

idk im kinda new so i guess me bcz i took out #1 player when i was way smaller and #1 was not even a bot

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Acol angel dev cosmic they at least 1v1 for real! And yea I’m still mad at w’ stabbing me in the back in 1v1 next a corner he used his ability! When I had 700k lagging say I would give him coins when I had 1 mil /:


1v1 top ten tournament???

@gautam sb annual tournament???

jesus keeps coming in the game and dying

but come on

he’s jesus he’s our savior jk jk

if there were one then it would compete in not just pvp but farming, skill, etc

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