Best South Asian Breakfast

Definitely poori, but dosa can be good with the right combinations.


What do you guys think?

What is that?

Poori is definitely a good choice? How many can u eat at a sitting? You also might wanna consider vellarotti

i can eat as many, but depends on the size also. don’t know what vellarotti is

Standard size. Not restaurant chenna battura

I like rolls a lot and although it is a snack I will eat them whenever I get the opportunity!

Rickrolls? Specify. I think ik wht u mean but not sure

These guys

Fishy sticks?

No it’s basically

Stuffing of choice (mine is mutton)

Wrap it in a pastry thing idk what it is called

Dip it in egg

Put it in breadcrumbs and cover thoroughly

Fry in oil

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Indian dish? Wht part of india

Well it’s probably in the south of Tamil Nadu since my parents are Sri lankan

Ye ove never heard of it

They’re great! There is a ton of shops that have them in london

Indian cuisine shops?

Depends on the size, but for the ones that are 5 inches in diameter, I can eat six or seven.

my fav stuffing is shrimp and sauces

May I change this to be a general post?

Yeah sure