Best Version Of VictorBattler

Only the people who have been here since I joined will know

My Best Grinding Times

  • (MV)VictorBattler 2023
  • VictorBattler (After Left MV) 2023
  • VictorBattler (XenVix Creation) 2023
  • VictorBattler (Summer Break) 2023
  • VictorBattler (After Summer) 2023
  • VictorBattler (Christmas Break)
  • {UN}VictorBattler (V2 Drop)
  • {UN}VictorBattler (After Top 100)
  • {UN}VictorBattler (Grind to Top 50)
  • {UN}VictorBattler (Grind To Top 30)
  • {UN}VictorBattler (Current)
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Wat is a bictor vattler???

you are just trolling at this point

No how m I suposed 2 kno

I wanna say somewhere in v1 prob after summer?

Ok Good choise

agreed tbh-

Best version was the one that wasnt here

(/j ofc)

grind to 10 mil

victor is mid in all his version smh

What is the point of this


When he unexisted

forgot to reply to this,

if i still had my PVP SKills from Before I would clap u

Oh my goodness you can clap someone who hasnt played in months :face_exhaling:

months? you havnt even been here that long

i quit over summer break lol

youve been here a while but not that type of long

ohhh nvm then