Best weapon in different categories

What is the best weapon in big open spaces( like where the ancient statues are (except for the force fields))

The best in alleyways(like the room to get to erth eye and mech(and they can be diagonal alleyways too)

The best in spaces with lots of random big blocks at random places( like the border between the desert and grassland in the new map)

And the best for bosses(like mech and erth eye and warlock)

For me it is-/Umbrellar/- /gunner or gattling gun/-/alchemist and champion and fire caster/-/Infernal mage, sniper, alchemist and champion/

Pulse gun, pulse gun, pulse gun, pulse gun

Champion or Holy Hammer


  1. sniper
  2. sniper
  3. sniper
  4. sniper
  1. no weapon
  2. no weapon
  3. no weapon
  4. no weapon
    solo neg diff

boomstik 4 warlock?