Better, smoother gameplay.. part 2

So this is part 2 of my previous post (see “Better, smoother gameplay… part 1”)

This is less about sound modification and more VISUAL.

So, starting simple…

I have seen a lot of posts about this so it probably will be added in v2 but if not here is an additional vote to have it added: Dark mode.

Personally I use incognito browser (obviously : P) and would fit better with dark mode added, not just with incognito mode but with any dark-themed browser, and in general as well. It would make the game a lot sleeker (and probably less laggy as well). Also maybe if this were to be added there could be maybe a dark themed menu as well?

(Note: This is not the only visual suggestion I have for v2, but I am just going to put this specific suggestion in one topic, and then make a topic for another visual suggestion later.)


Im kinda curious about how dark mode would look like.

Maybe like the green grass would be black instead with grey lines for the squares on the map, and then trees n stuff would be a muted color of original

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