Better, smoother, gameplay.. part 5

so you may have heard of my series a while ago, Better, smoother, gameplay…but i haven’t uploaded another one of those for…months, actually. and i just wanted to make another one to continue the series…

you may be wondering why i stopped…simple. it was just a combination of me getting distracted, starting to do other things, and not having any ideas for the next part, also taking into account my break during the summer…

now, i’m back with part 5.

this will be focused on pvp/visuals…

my idea is a customizable crosshair.

before i get those comments i know are coming, here’s my reasoning.

first off, the default crosshair is definitely very good. the design is excellent, and it proves very good for normal in-game combat. however…

some people prefer different types of crosshairs. for example, when i looked it up:

Some players prefer the dot crosshair because it provides a more precise aiming point. Others prefer the traditional cross crosshair because it provides a more definite point for aiming. It is worth noting that the size of your crosshair can affect your aim and accuracy.

so, just because of that, i had this idea for having a customizable crosshair. if this were to be added, it would be accessed in settings…

there would be a square of pixels available for people to draw their own crosshair, whether they like the traditional, dot, or any other crosshair.

this idea, unlike some of my others (not only for the series, just in general), i feel will be less likely to be added than some others. however, still let me know in the comments your thoughts about this :slight_smile: .


@gautam a type of cosmetic like trails? Phase 2 ofc


yeah, that could be a good addition.

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I always wanna see kill effects as a cosmetic. I can already see it now. A bunch of clown emojis spawn on top of the spot where I kill roachers and teamers.

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funny, but true. it would be really cool to have kill effects, actually, now that i think of it!

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