Bigboy_booey Q and A!

Ask me anything you wanna know about me.


Favorite food, favorite restaurant?

What .io games have you played before and how did you find


Favorite food: Suhsi
Favorite Restaurant: Big Tuna
I’ve played every io game here. As well as,, all the classic io games.
I found realmz from browsing replit. I found it and couldn’t get off of it.


Why did you choose the name BigBoyBoey?

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Appreciate it Shad. I can always count on you.


Are people here chads?

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What do you think of me and the others here on this forum Booey

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Never heard of that what does it taste like?

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grammar error :skull: :skull: :skull: it actually favorite

you don’t want to find out :augh: :augh: :augh: :augh: :augh:

No only in American English. Canadian and British (along with all the other major English’s) use the “u”

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:neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: bruh

Anybody can be a chad. It’s not that hard at all to be sigma. It’s called being a good friend all around.

BBB do you think it is favorite or favourite?

Like what is it? What is Suhsi

Your a Giggachad. Your understanding, you help people when needed, it’s not that hard to be an epic Giggachad.
I like everybody here. I think everybody can be a good person. As long as they know how to be a decent, understanding person.


well first it sushi second :augh: do you like fish and bones?

THE SUSHI ROLLS IT GOT A BONE- IN IT and taste very weird.

That’s sushi not “suhsi”