Bitlife Unbl0cked Updated for May 2024

BitLife is a captivating life simulation game that immerses players in a text-based journey, where every decision shapes your virtual character’s life path. Here, you can play BitLife unblocked at school, ensuring you can dive into this intricate game even during your breaks.

Use the iframe to play!

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bitlife has some serious nsfw lol okayy? bitlife payed u i assume?

it is a popular game :person_shrugging:

ik yea lol

its to attract new users

yea it is cuz lots of ppl play bitlife on their own

Are there any android emulators? Because bitlife is an android game

cool use of iframe, i didn’t know it was allowed on this forum;
@gautam wouldn’t that create XSS vulnerability?

wait a sec:


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Its only allowed for certain websites, one of them being yours

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