Block-hitting/blocking (extensive explanation)

(this is going to be a long one :no_mouth:)

So… you might have seen the title and wondered what this was about… well, just today, I talked to @gautam about block-hitting/blocking and that I would love to have it added to v2. What he said was this:

This right here is that detailed topic. This is going to be pretty long so if you want you can look at the last paragraph for a summary. Anyways… so, the first question I might as well answer is this: What even is block-hitting/blocking??

Well, block-hitting/blocking (or at least my idea of how it would be in is that there would be a keybind for blocking that when tapped, would block for a short amount of time (more on that soon). That would cancel any hit done to you-except for sword throws!!- but but there is also a cooldown time (also more on that later).

That is essentially the concept of blocking. But what is block-hitting?

Well, block-hitting is basically where you time your blocks in between the hits of a combo so that it makes it way way harder for your opponent to break the combo. It is very hard to master the timing, but if you do, then you are almost never going to lose your combos.

Now, this is where the amount of time you would block for and the cooldown time comes in. Ideally, in order to make block-hitting work you need the cooldown to be less then the time it takes to combo someone at the smallest possible size (please please please someone else do the math. I just can’t). And the amount of time you would blockhit, in order to make it work - (I think) is you would make it as long as normal hits are. (Or maybe a millisecond less? I don’t really know).

And the animation for it, I think, would be where the sword kinda faces inward.

This is the default position, so for blockhitting the sword would be inward to the character somehow (I haven’t really planned this part out)

I think that’s about it for the blocking/blockhitting topic, but if anyone has any questions feel free to comment so I can follow up.

What do you think?

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I think it would be a cool addition.


Someone do the math lol Im confused

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He wants to make it into minecraft 1.8 pvp

But in 1.8 you can block and I dont understand how blocking can be added when right click is throw

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Well it could be another key

shift maybe?

Right shift?


Just add parrying. i think thts wht hes trying to say but if its not paerying is rill better

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And you already made a whole topic on it XD

That sounds confusing and prob wont work well with the currnet packet system, maybe? some kind of combo improvements does sound nice tho

We got c

I thought u liked the idea of parrying?

I do like the idea from a feature standpoint but its confusing to implement especially when factoring in delays and everything, I’ll ask my dev if we can implement in phase 2 but low priority

U don’t remember the sword in center thing and all?

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Oh yeah I remember thats what IM talking about I thought about it from code perspective and its not as straightforward

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So u cant be like if sword one coordinated and sword 2 coordinates ewual eachother and one did psrry then no damage? Alr

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Ofc not everything needs to be added in v2. Updates have to be spaced to keep players

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Ok maybe in a future update