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What are some GOOD book series?


I swear you have made a topic in this before or someone else has


hendersons boys


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Hehehe. That was long ago

Also ive read cherub. Hold old r u???


what about a single book? it’s great though

Who’s age are you asking for XD

Have you read the Hatchet series? It’s by Gary Paulsen

Darko. Cherub is… Interesting

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my vocab is too low, but if you want a suggestion, it is fantasy, so you might not like it, but fabelhaven

prob too young for you, but you can see!

however bad it is, ive read worse

its not bad, it just it probably not your style, I know a lot of kids around 15 who dont like fantasy so probably your age group 16-17 or however old it is 1st. not advanced vocab 2. not your style

for me I like it, I hate nonfiction

Nonfiction is way better.

Aaaah. How do you enjoy that stuff

Ive found out that the real world is sometimes stranger and more interesting than any fiction book, that’s probably why.


guessing u read arc of a scythe series by Neal Shusterman?

What is that? Is it the one where scythes kill people bc no one can dye? Gleanings?

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I enjoy the wings of Fire series a lot. It is a bit long though.

Oh that. I only read it over 50 times