Boss battle idea / events

that is smart we will have to make a boss skin now

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lol probably

i have an idea
what if there were special boss tokens that gave you different skins? each boss could drop 100-200 of them, and they would be evenly split?


Should I make another topic for this with stats and stuff? `

  • yes
  • no
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EDIT: Im starting a new topic

Boss battle ideas have come up and been denied. The plan Im assuming we may consider is a Boss level evolution that is incredibly difficult to get. You need to kill like 50 warrior evolution or smh. Once unlocking its like god op but there can only be one. So if another guy gets they have to fight or something. A player controlled boss or Strong evolution is the route we would most likely go.

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Not wht i alked to gautam abt…

again thats nothing confirmed that’s just a general idea we may fallow. Anything and everything will change

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like kd in mope io?

not exactly were more just looking at a strong evolution or final boss. KD has a whole arena system or somethign we dont need

That’s desicsted

just fight angel lol

I liked this idea


Yea I wanted it to be added

kinda like WoW?

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Why wont it? If 83% of the community wants it and 0% don’t, then why not add it?

It but it has been awhile with no input I would just like a regular boss tbh

Every 30mins a boss worth 50k-100k spawns it can throw swords like us and has a basic evolution

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