Bounty on RevCounter

Screenshot 2023-06-13 1.50.46 PM
He’s spawn killing and when ever I get alot of Coins he kills me…

How much coins are you willing to grind, if someone kills him?


this much coins


another one… :\ tired of this broo…

can you create a bounty on me? im #20


idk, just for fun
btw i am #1 today on leaderboard(not all time)

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bruh 1 mil and u get #1 luckyyyyy i get 3 mill in a day and i get #6

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Papa bob was doing this and they were in fc. I feel like all fc members do this, spawn kill. They were scared that I was going to kill them if I got more than 5k which I eventually got and I destroyed them which was a ton of fun

Players who spawn kill and target players below 5k are the embodiment of cowardice.


really? weird… how tho?

ye, but i try to team with fc members since nuke is my friend

go on a ded server get 30k reload get your coins get back to 30k on and on and on sometimes hopped onto usa and got 500k leave and yeah pretty efficient but i never got much time to grind

nah, i didnt do tht

no i meant thats what i did

ohhh cool

@Wasd close this topic pls

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