Bounty on

imm put a bounty on sonic the hedg 100k

a bounty on sonic hedge

How many coins? Also, you could have only made one bounty topic.


How Will i reveive my coins?

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They will grind then let you kill them

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i get it on the game and u kill me

im 20k on undefeated_tez

tez my bro just do it for fun

try me

Uploading: Screenshot 2023-06-24 10.25.10 AM.png…

kill him u can have my acc

Uploading: Screenshot 2023-06-24 10.25.16 AM.png…

Screenshot 2023-06-24 10.26.22 AM

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2 seconds…

Screenshot 2023-06-24 4.56.50 PM

my acc

i kill loler

want your name

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